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e-commerce services

Sell physical and digital products with ease.

Available e-commerce services* for your professional website:

  • Physical Products: Sell physical items such as apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, promotional marketing items, and more.

  • Digital Products: Sell digital items that your customers can download from your site (e.g., music files, ebooks or images).

  • Product Options: Include various options for physical products like sizes and colors, and offer multiple file types for download.

  • Collections: Group your products into collections to make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for.

  • Bulk Uploads: Import products from an existing online store or make bulk changes to products in your existing Wix store.

  • Mobile Management: Process orders from your phone - add tracking numbers, mark as paid, and contact your customers.

  • Promotions: Add discount codes and coupons for customers to apply during checkout and create promotional product videos.

  • Secure Checkout: The Wix Stores checkout process is secured by HTTPS / TLS encryption making it safe for your customers.

* Requires a Wix Premium Service that includes online store functionality.

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