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Frequently asked questions

No one likes business gimmicks or trickery. So, we've taken the liberty of compiling all of your questions below, and sprovided you with genuine answers to ensure there is full transparency of our products, services, and pricing!

  • How much does a website cost?
    We try to keep things simple. Our pricing page showcases our primary packages, but we know your needs might not fit exactly what we've advertised. So, contact us at 856-693-8088 or for a custom proposal or to talk numbers!
  • What is my monthly fee?
    We offer multiple service packages to accommodate your needs. Please visit our Pricing page for details.
  • What's included with my monthly service fee?
    If you opt for one of our monthly service plans, you'll receive the following: Site maintenance (i.e., gallery or media changes, copy edits and updates, etc.) Technical support (i.e., troubleshooting site functionality, domain connection issues, etc.) Please review the Service Fee section for details.
  • What type of "support" will I receive?"
    Fronza Media provides ongoing support for your website via phone or email, including: Basic text and content editing Quarterly SEO review and maintenance Social media setup and support Consultation New site feature notifications and more!
  • Can I cancel your services at any time?
    Of course! We do not hold our customers hostage :) If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service (impossible), or you wish to discontinue services for any reason (none come to mind...), simply email us within 30 days of cancellation and we will turn off your services (although highly unlikely to occur).
  • Do I "own" my website?"
    Yes! Fronza Media copyrights all sites under the client's name. You own your site's domain, company logo, any copy or graphics you provide, and the entire site itself is your intellectual property. If necessary, we can transfer ownership of your site to you or a third party to manage your site ongoing, and will collaborate with you throughout the entire transition. However, we are available to maintain and manage your site based on your needs through one of our service plans!
  • Will I have access to my website?
    Yes! We can provide you or anyone in your company with access to the site as a Contributor - meaning, you can edit the site, too! Or, if you prefer, you can simply have access as a site administrator to manage billing, contacts, and other features.
  • I already have a Wix account, so now what?"
    Perfect! If you already have a Wix account and started creating your site you can provide Fronza Media with contributor access (or transfer ownership) to design, edit, update, and maintain your site. You can also upgrade your site to a premium plan and manage billing and other backend administration for your site as needed. Don't worry! We'll walk you through the entire process 😉
  • What happens if I've already purchased a domain or a premium plan via Wix?
    If you've already purchased a domain and/or premium service from Wix, neither is transferrable to another account. Unfortunately, we cannot roll the amount you've paid into your monthly service fee. But, we will be happy to transfer the charge to our account upon your Wix domain or Premium plan renews!
  • Can you set up my business email?
    Yes! We can set up an email address for your domain directly through Wix! You can easily have one or more branded email addresses to match your website, all for around only $6 per month* (with an option to pay annually). * Branded email fees are billed directly to clients
  • What is Wix?
    Wix is a premier website design and webhosting platform that allows individuals and businesses to establish a dazzling online presence. Start your own blog, add an online store and accept bookings online. You can always add more features as you grow! Wix is the exclusive design tool for Fronza Media, and we're proud to call ourselves a Wix Professional.
  • Are you really a Wix Professional?
    Yes I am! I am a certified Wix Professional and Wix Design Expert; meaning Wix officially sanctioned my work as being worthy of being paid for my services using Wix. What does that mean for you? It means you're website's design, layout, flow, and user experience is being developed by someone who really knows what they're doing 😉
  • How do we contact you so you can build our amazing website?
    You can contact Fronza Media at 856-693-8088,, or by completing a Client Profile.
  • Can you please explain what SEO means?
    Yes! SEO stands for Site Engine Optimization (you can Google the official definition). Basically, Google and other web browsers need to be able to find your site, so they can "tell the world" by placing you in online search results. So, by "optimizing" your site's menu, text, photos by giving them exactly what Google is looking for, you'll be more easily found by your customers, fans, or your obsessive blog followers.
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