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Selling YOU

What you sell is not as important as who you sell.

There's no denying it. People are becoming more comfortable purchasing items and services online without the human element. With the advent of Amazon, the majority of commerce occurs online - it's easy to order what you want from your couch without the need to interact with another human being. So what's the problem with that?

I often purchase goods online versus interacting with someone in person. But, when it comes to a service, I prefer to know who I'm dealing with and let people know who they're dealing with.

As a small business owner, you need to market yourself. Because who else knows you better than you?

Many entrepreneurs want the same result. Make products. Sell products. Distribute products. But are customers buying you or your product? You must market yourself, the individual. Tell your story. Relate to others. Be human!

Remember, your vision consists of both what you see and what others perceive about you.

"You must market yourself, the individual."

So, how will you market yourself today?

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