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"Real" Things

We've all done it. We find a less expensive, alternative product or service and take a chance on it being just as good as "the real thing". Sometimes it's very close to it, but it can never be. Do you know why?

The real thing (whatever that "thing" is) cannot be replicated with 100% accuracy, worth, value, or power.

Generic products are just that - generic - and are not the top tier brand for a reason. Some generic products may taste almost exactly the same as the real thing. Some may look, feel, or operate nearly the same as the real thing.

But ONLY the real thing can be "the real thing." That's why Coke sells more and tastes better than non-brand colas. It's why knock-off shoes or clothing fall apart more easily than top-tiered brands.

And when it comes to service received, it's why using a cheaper or less professional provider is not going to yield the same results as using a service provider who has spent time and money to become the best that you can get.

So, whether you're just starting out with your entrepreneurship or you've been doing what you do for years - become the real thing. Charge what you're worth. Limit your products or services to those you can guarantee will be created or provided at the highest value possible every time. Don't compromise on price to increase volume.

Remember, there is only one YOU. And, no one can duplicate YOU (well, at least not legally).


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