Becoming a Household Name

In my experience, many small business owners - especially those who are baby boomers or even Gen-X - aren't familiar with terms like SEO (even when you expand the anagram), e-marketing, or know the difference between a Facebook account versus a Facebook Page. And, they certainly aren't familiar with Wix. Do you know about Wix?

Wix is amazing! It's online. It's free to set up an account or build a site. It uses HMTL5 design software. It's optimized for mobile. It costs me $0 to build a site for a client until it's published and linked to a domain, and even then it costs only $100-$250 per YEAR (which, many times is passed through to the client who is pleasantly surprised with the value).

Wix advertises during the SUPERBOWL - yet, 4 out of 5 people I mention Wix to "never heard of them". But, as amazing as Wix is, should that really be where I should focus my sales pitch? Well, for a while, I thought it was. But, then I realized - why focus on a brand that is already established instead of focusing on me? Do you think people care more about the wholesaler McDonald's uses for it's chicken, beef, or canola oil? (Ok, only one of those three things is real but...). Or, the taste of their burgers, chicken nuggets and fries, and the welcoming atmosphere, and their smiling employees?

To me, it's less about selling the service and more about educating people about what they need and why they need me to deliver it. And, if I convince one person to feel strongly that I'll deliver exactly what they need, they will tell a friend over dinner, or post a testimonial on their Facebook profile or Page, or perhaps discuss my services with a colleague in a Meetup or convention. By educating, you can have a business built atop a solid foundation of personal belief in your abilities - without the need to sell anything but yourself.

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