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Chasing Rabbits

Tik Tok. YouTube. Websites. Blogs. Podcasts. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Proverbial rabbits take on many forms.

Regardless of which platform you leap from, the rabbit holes are endless. And, we're ALL guilty of chasing rabbits DAILY - often with reckless abandon.

"...we're ALL guilty of chasing rabbits..."

But, which rabbits do you chase for your business, purpose, or non-profit organization? Do you spend countless hours reading tweets or watching TikTok? Or, are you creating and composing original content?

The adage "time is money" was stated with purpose, but perhaps we should rephrase this saying as "time wasted equals money lost."

Spending several hours to create the "perfect" post, tweet, or video is typical - we want to make sure our followers think it's GREAT. But, what's wrong with GOOD? When did "good" become "meh"?

Everyone today can be or is a content creator, and people create content at breakneck speeds; thus, the rabbit holes are more profound than ever. And we're victims of FOMO and YOLO and something no one can ever get more of - TIME (not an acronym).

So, follow the rabbit if you must. You'll never arrive on time or reach the end of the bottomless abyss.

So How Do You Avoid the Abyss?

It's easy to copy what you see, but it's impossible to create what you cannot visualize. Scrolling through TikTok videos can be entertaining, but you easily forget what you just watched fifteen minutes ago. So instead do this:

  • Be original and lead with purpose

  • Create LASTING content for YOUR target audience

  • Focus on consistency

  • Post, blog, or create frequently


It's OK if you spend a little time formatting your content - and by all means, check your grammar!

But, don't get caught up in "perfecting" the layout - and if you do, create a theme or template for your blog, posts, etc. to avoid spending more time constructing than you do composing them.

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