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Drink Me

Posting content can be like passing graffiti on the highway - eye-catching for a moment, yet fleeting and forgettable. And, when is the last time you mentioned or recommended graffiti to someone?

Without purpose, your content is simply saying 'drink me', 'eat me,', 'consume me'.

Instead of what you intend to sell or provide:

➡️ 'Set up your free blog today!'

➡️ Get help with scheduling your Instagram posts!'

➡️ 'Mobile optimize your website!'

➡️ 'Virtualize your business!'

➡️ ‘Follow for free financial wellness tips!'

Specify your purpose to show followers how your content and purpose will affect them.

I love a beautiful photo as much as the next person, but unless you're a professional photographer, your posts could be lost through the looking glass.

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