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Giving Up

Have you thought about what you'll need to give up to accomplish your business goals?

Most entrepreneurs start out on fire - passionate about an idea and determined to make it happen. You're excited and ready to begin. You make a plan and start scheduling tasks. You incorporate your company, get business cards, buy a domain, build a website (hopefully with Fronza Media), and set up social media accounts - the WORKS.

You grind it out for the first week and seem unstoppable. But, life's requirements start slowing the momentum and pull you back into your daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Suddenly, you aren't making time anymore.

What often occurs is that passion your mind stoked at 9 a.m. fizzles out completely by 8 p.m. because something else came up. It could be a happy hour or your couch came calling to finish binging the latest series on Netflix.

When you decide to turn a hobby, passion, or interest into a business, you need to be willing to give things up - and one particular item, which also happens to be the most valuable, is TIME. Time spent on hobbies, hanging with friends or family, lunch breaks, taking vacations, and even binging your favorite show all weekend.

Without giving up your time, you might end up giving up on your business and dreams.

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