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Ship It!

Whatever you're creating should be shared with your audience as soon as possible.

As a recovering perfectionist, I struggle to complete projects because I feel it needs to be "just right."

The problem is, refinement is infinite if you allow it to be. Seth Godin, a charismatic learner who offers sage advice to entrepreneurs and visionaries, says when it comes to creative work, "Just ship it!"

Stop editing. Stop refining. Stop worrying if it's "good enough" to post, or create, or complete.

You can always learn from mistakes - and you will make mistakes. Lessons learned are essential to growing as an individual and an artist.

Perfection is unattainable - so why try it?

Perfection is unattainable so why try it?

My advice? Adopt a simple three-step process.

  1. Write your thoughts down when ideas strike

  2. Give it your best effort and focus on purpose

  3. Don't saturate and cloud your work with feedback and revision

Just ship it! You can always tweak and embellish it later.

TIP: If you haven't experienced Seth Godin, check out his blog at

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