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The e-Joneses

Being what many refer to as a "techy", I pride myself in attempting to stay up to date on the latest gadgets and gear in the marketplace. The problem? Who has time to truly research every product? Amazon does an excellent job by showcasing customer feedback (sometimes with videos, which can be extremely helpful).

But, do we really NEED all of these newfangled novelties?

I'd LOVE to have an Apple Watch. I've wanted one since it came out. I meet people all of the time who "swear by them", yet, when I ask what they use it for, they tell me "I can text without taking my phone out of my pocket." While I love that feature (and the hundreds of other apps designed for the Apple Watch that I could be exploring), the truth is that many people get caught up with new tech and simply "buy it to have it."

I have an iPhone X, but do you know why? I upgraded my old phone (which was nearly paid off via AT&T Next) to give to my son for Christmas. Because, he's ten years old and doesn't need - nor would he take care of - the latest and greatest model of the iPhone. I admit, I love my iPhone X, but I still hear of people buying out their contract so they can update one iteration of their device.

The reward? A better camera. More memory. But, is it really life-changing?

Sometimes, it's best to wait it out and not float away in the tech bubbles.

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