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Optimized Sight

Confused about #SEO? In its simplest form, SEO (Site Engine Optimization) is a method used by webhosting platforms to ensure your site's message, images, pages, links, and purpose are properly showcased online.

We perform #SEO for our clients' #websites using award-winning tools from #Wix - ensuring every link, page description, image, and text provides what we call Optimized Sight (see what we did there?).

Think of Google (or other search engines) as surveyors of online content. Google performs what is called "crawling" across the internet, using an algorithm to capture keywords of websites, blogs, and other content.

Well, Google has top-notch eyewear and will pass right over your site if it can't see anything that stands out. For example, let's say you have a website for a small business that provides financial coaching but you rarely mention 'financial coaching' in your copy. Or, your images don't contain alt text for search engines to see what they are?

Since search engines cannot “read” an image, they search your site's HTML code for text that describes the image. This text is known as “alt text”.

Alt Text is just one way to help gain Optimized Sight for your website or blog. Below are a few other metrics used:

  • Page Titles. What you see in your browser tabs, e.g., 'Website Design | Fronza Media | West Deptford, NJ),

  • Page Descriptions. What Google displays in search results, e.g., 'Fronza Media is your single source for organic Wix website design, podcasting, e-commerce, and small business consulting services in South Jersey)

  • Heading Tags.

And above all - BE ORIGINAL. Cramming #keywords on your page will tip off Google and other search engines that you're cheating. And worse, Google's lens will skip right over your site.

Have you created a #Wix site or looking to do so? We highly recommend you check out this article to educate yourself on #SEO best practices and learn key components of optimizing your sight.

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