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Panic Node

You received an email stating your #domain expired or is disconnected from your #website - and you have NO idea how that is even possible. When it comes to DNS management, it's best to avoid panic... at a cost.

Purchasing a website through webhosting platforms like GoDaddy is relatively straight-forward. Search for the domain you want. If it's available, complete the purchase. Voila. But, what do you do after the purchase?

There's a few reasons why domain owners should consider hiring a DNS manager for their business:

  • Site Connection. You might need to modify your domain's #NameServers to connect your site (for example, you purchased your domain through #GoDaddy but you built your site in #Wix).

  • DNS Configuration. You might need to modify or add a new #CNAME or other alias setting.

  • Domain Forwarding. You purchased multiple iterations of your domain and you need all secondary domain suffixes (e.g., .net, .info, .org) to forward to your primary domain suffix (e.g., .com)

  • Technical Support. Your domain is hacked or disconnected and you need to reset its #NameServers or update other DNS configuration settings (e.g., #CNAME)

The good news is that Fronza Media includes DNS management services for its clients. But, if you're going it alone, we suggest you find a service, friend, or colleague to assist you if this is an area that caused you panic.

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