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Responsive Websites

No, we're not talking about the design module where sites automatically adjust their layout between desktop and mobile device screens. When we use #responsive website, we're talking about the #human component.

Don't get us wrong! Responsive design (aka making the site look good on all devices, screens, and platforms) is critical for success. But, no matter how good a website looks, it won't matter if you're not responding to visitors.

You may have set up an online form, connected your social media accounts, enabled a chat feature, or simply have your email address listed. Regardless of the communication methods available to you, it's essential to:

  • Respond to ALL messages (emails, VM, etc.) promptly (either same day or within 24 hours)

  • Don't use a method that you can't support (i.e., you set up an online chat when you're not available)

  • Establish realistic hours of operation or availability

  • Set out of office or away messages when you're NOT available with details about when you ARE

  • If you're using #Wix, take advantage of using automation workflows to respond to site visitors and clients

Ultimately, clients and site visitors will care more about YOUR responsiveness than your website's.

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