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Senseless Direction

Ever feel like you're roaming the internet blindly? With ads and suggestions at every turn? So. Many. Choices!

You're bound to feel bedazzled, glazed over, and smartly stunned by your possibilities. At every turn, you're being advised to "Eat Me" or "Drink Me" (more likely, it's "Buy Me" or "Try Me"). Like Alice, you're roaming in a Wonderland of opportunity with influential creatures contending for your cognition (and coffers).

But, like you, Alice had the command to make up her mind. Perhaps you're gravitating towards Google's advertisements lurking at the top of your search results (we call them "Ad Hatters"). Or, you're following hashtags like the poetic musings of the caterpillar. Or, you're wary of the Red Queen's card soldiers - internet trolls looking to extinguish your brand or destroy your image (before you even construct a masterpiece to be toppled).

Or worst of all, you're cowering in the corner for fear of the jabberwocky - the abhorrent despair of defeat.

Be mindful of your choices to avoid being mesmerized without direction.

If you follow the six steps below, you will be ready to bypass obstacles and navigate safely:

  1. No one can make you do anything. Your choice is entirely up to you.

  2. Seek expert advice. Find a knowledgeable, reputable sage to guide you.

  3. Locate your guide. Find your own Cheshire cat to help you sort through the madness.

  4. Don't stop for "T." Avoid trickery by Ad Hatters that guarantee they're the best option.

  5. Compare and contrast. Evaluate at least two solutions before making a decision.

  6. Slow your pace. Avoid chasing rabbits, and don't rush into hasty decisions.

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