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The Carpenter

Alice considered the #Walrus and the #Carpenter vile for what they did. They tricked seemingly innocent oysters into following their advice and trickery to profit them. So, are you a Carpenter in your business or venture?

When #Tweedle_Dee and #Tweetle_Dum finished their story, they pointed out that the Carpenter showed no sympathy for the troubled oysters who followed him and the Walrus. And, the Carpenter wanted to eat as many oysters as possible without regard for his companion. He supported the despicable business tactic of telling, repeating, and encouraging a lie, and focused on maximizing his profit instead of sharing it with his partner.

Don't Be A Carpenter!

Profit is important to many businesses. But, if you have a business partner - especially one who shares a fifty-percent stake in your venture - it's imperative to remain fair to them and your clients. Otherwise, you're no better off than the Carpenter - tunnel-visioned with profit and no regard for your customers' expectations.

And what or where does that get you?

  • Be Profit-able. Have the ability to profit from your hard work without making it your primary focus.

  • Be Transparent. If your price sounds too steep for your clients then clearly explain your fees.

  • De-Gluttonize. There's plenty to go around! Share success and don't overindulge.

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