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The Walrus

Alice considered the #Walrus and the #Carpenter vile for what they did. They tricked seemingly innocent oysters into following their advice and trickery to profit them. So, are you a Walrus in your business or venture?

When #Tweedle_Dee and #Tweetle_Dum completed this story, Alice initially thought the Walrus at least showed some sympathy for the troubled oysters who followed him and the Carpenter. But, in the end, he still devoured the tasty lemmings to satisfy his desires. His meager attempt to pacify them before their slaughter is a tactic often used in business - tell a lie, repeat the lie, encourage the lie, and trap innocent customers inside the lie.

Don't be a Walrus!

While you most likely need to remain profitable and gain something in return from your clients, you must remain honest with them about risks and always have their best interest in mind. Otherwise, you're no better off than the Walrus - having clients follow you blindly under pretenses for your benefit.

And what or where does that get you?

  • You're the expert! Clients know this, but it's your job to be clear about the path ahead.

  • Don't be greedy. Taking on too many clients without a proper plan could lead you to gluttony.

  • Empathize. Don't pity your clients' lack of knowledge in your area - show them #empathy instead.

  • Partnerskip. Avoid business partners with bad intentions and a lack of morals (like the Carpenter).

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