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Website Unnecessary

When I began designing Wix websites in 2013, I thought every business owner or individual with a purpose should have a site. I was excited to spread the word about Wix and promote how fascinating their services and websites are. I approached every prospect with the same vigorous resolve to convince them why they needed my services and how I would change their world forever.

But, I didn't understand that not everyone NEEDS a website.

I still have the same passion for Wix websites as in 2013. But, I've learned that while I can create and design a top-notch quality website for anyone, not every business owner or individual with something to say or sell requires one. Sounds crazy since I make a living creating websites, right?

Let's say you sell hand-crafted jewelry. A Wix website may benefit you by allowing you to create a beautiful online storefront surrounded by additional pages and menu options. But, you already have a shop on Etsy.

You could integrate your Etsy store into Wix, but do you need to do that?

As your potential website designer, I would love to have your business and develop your gorgeous online storefront. But, that will come with web hosting, design, and maintenance fees.

You're already paying Etsy a fee to host your store, and your existing clients are used to the interface.

So, why would we try to convince you that you need a website?

Maybe you need to organize your clients using Wix Ascend or manage your finances with Freshbooks.

That's why we're different at Fronza Media. We evaluate your needs and help you establish yourself online the best way you can at the most reasonable price available - and sometimes, those "best ways" are available for free.

So, whether we're fortunate enough to speak with you or if you select another website design agency, you should always ask the question - Do I NEED all of this? The answer could save you thousands of dollars and headaches.

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