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Any author understands the hardship of writer's block. Novelists experience it. Speech writer's succumb to it. It's even occurring me as I write this blog. But, when it comes to blogs you have more freedom than most other writers.

Writing a blog can just be "for fun" or it could impact your client-base and revenue (so, no pressure!). But, most blog tools (including the marvelous platform from Wix that I'm currently composing this entry with) provide a blank canvas for you to let you thoughts run wild. No formatting limitations or content length restrictions.

And, since it's web-based, there's no need to perfect margins and layouts for printing.

It's more important to get your message out to your followers than it is trying to perfect the format that it is received

So, if you have a blog or are thinking of starting one, don't worry about Writer's blog. Write what you FEEL and what you're passionate about. Format what you'd like, but let it stop your momentum! Just ship it as is (well, of course, after you checked your grammar and spelling, that is).

Remember, it's a Writer's blog, not a formatter's blog. Write. Post. Repeat.

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